UNIT: 0.6g / 100 CAP.      DOSAGE:  2 TIMES PER DAY, 2 CAP PER TIME.
RECOMMENDATION:   for people who have high cholesterol, high blood pressure,
                                 diabetes, over weight or calculus. Wayon products can be                
                                 taken with vitamins the same time, but allow 1 hour 
                                 apart from other medication.
This product obtained national patent of new invention. Its raw material is from the organic base with national certification. It has the following functions:
- Sweeper of blood vessels: the black agarics are rich of polycose and nucleic acids which can decrease cholesterol and triglyceride to prevent coronary heart disease and help to treat high blood pressure.
- Sweeper of intestine and stomach: the black agaric is rich of plant collagen, which can clear intestine and stomach. It reduces and controls blood sugar.
- Healthcare and weight reduction: It is recorded in Compendium of Material Medical written by Shizhen Li “Take black agarics as food, will increase energy, will lighten body and strengthen mind, will treat hemorrhoids.” - Dissolving calculus: The levulose and plant alkaloid in black agarics can reduce and expel calculus.
Price: $65