UNIT: 0.25g / 90 CAP. DOSAGE:  2 TIMES PER DAY, 2 CAP PER TIME                          

RECOMMENDATION: for people who have memory problem, senile dementia, brain
                               disorder and difficult blood circulation. It is an excellent
                               prevention against Alzheimer’s disease. Wayon products can be 
                               taken with vitamins the same time, but allow 1 hour apart from     
                               other medication.
Price: $65
Tienchi has been used as a miracle medicine for hematologic diseases in China for hundreds of years. Its principal component is sanchinosides including Rb1 (has hemostasis effect) Rg2 (is capable of promoting blood flow) and Rg3 (has anti-cancer effect). Tienchi has abundant trace elements including zinc, copper, manganese, cobalt and iodine. Ginkgo Leaves have abundant flavones, which can be used for blood vessel dilatation. Components of Ginkgo Leaves with low molecular weight such as lactones and ginkgolides can easily reach the brain, and therefore have excellent preventive effects on: Cerebral thrombus, senile dementia and brain disorder, vertigo, loss of equilibrium, and tinnitus. It also has the function of enhancing learning and memory ability; eliminating free radicals, and preventing senescence. The combination of Tienchi and Ginkgo leaves has much higher effectiveness than just Ginkgo or Ginkgo leaves alone.