Wearing Certain Color Can Make You Years Younger
                                                              By Angel Chau

All things have colors. Eyes can see most of the colors, but some colors are beyond our eyes. Every color has its personality, just like a human being, it has its own character, temperature and power. Subconsciously, our minds are always making judgment on people or things base on the information that our eyes see and reflect back to our brains. Most of the time,
the first thing we see is color. Therefore, what color you wear can immediately bring either a positive or a negative impression to others that see you before you can verbally communicate with them.

Most of the people, especially women would like to look years younger. What color will have such power to make an aging person look a lot younger? This special color is called “yellow lemon”. If you cannot find yellow lemon clothes to wear, or you do not like it, or you just don't dare to wear such color, but you still want to look some years younger, you can use “canary” as a substitution of yellow lemon.

Amount all the yellow colors; yellow lemon is the most active and the brightest one. It reminds people about freedom, openness, cleverness and liveliness. When you are in yellow lemon, people would see you as a younger person, and they would give you commendation. The more words of praise you hear, and then the more happy feelings you get. You will have higher self-confidence in doing things, too.
As time goes by, the happiness and confidence inside of you will nurture your whole beings, and for sure you will become younger and younger indeed.
Also, by wearing yellow lemon color, you will draw younger people's attention and help them to get closer to you. They are seeing you, as a young friend who is open minded, lively, honest, and yet experienced with wisdom.

Unless it is required uniform to wear, of course, no person will dress himself or herself with yellow lemon from the top of the head to the bottom of the feet. Therefore, it is necessary to match the main color- yellow lemon with other colors.
Color matching is an important theory, since the assistant color can either enhance or weaken the effectiveness of the main color. However, please do not worry about it, because you always can use black or white to match yellow lemon. And the result can be very nice.

Next time, I want to share with you about by wearing what color can make a person who is depressed look delighted and energetic. Please come back again!