Be Free From Dry Or Sore Throat In The Fall Season
                                              By Angel Chau

There is a famous Chinese idiom, “One falling leaf is always indicative of the coming autumn.” I have seen many leaves falling from my maple tree. Therefore, I know that the fall has arrived already. One of the common health problems in the fall season is that it is very easy to have dry or sore throat. The causes of dry and sore throat may be various. But most of all, it is because the conflict in the transaction from the summer to the fall. The conflict of the two seasons dries up the moisture.
However, my healthy drink can help you to avoid the suffering of dry and sore throat. Even you already have the throat problem, this healthy drink can help you get well faster. There are three elements in my healthy drink:

1.One dried gourd (Chinese: luo han guo)
2.8 pieces of licorice root (Chinese: gan cao)
3.Cold water 64 FL OZ

The elements are enough to make 6-7 cups of healthy drink.
Cooking directions:
1.wash the dried gourd and licorice roots with cold water
2.squeeze to break the dried gourd with your hand
3.put the dried gourd and the licorice roots into a cooking pot, and pour 64 FL oz cold water to cover them
4. Bring the water to the boil, and turn the heat to low and continue to cook it for 20 minutes.

For prevention: one cup of healthy drink after breakfast for a few days
For healing: three cups of healthy drink per day after your meals for 3-4 days
Also, this healthy drink is good for people who have dry cough. The method of treatment for dry cough is:
drink 3-5 cups of healthy drink per day for 5 days

Please do not add any sugar into the drink, since the dried gourd and licorice roots have their own natural sweetness.
This healthy drink has no side effects. You can purchase the ingredients from most of the Chinese supermarkets and herb stores.
By using this method of treatment, many of my relatives, friends and myself have been healed from dry, sore throat, and dry cough without taking any medication. Hopefully, you will be one more person that I can help.