Wearing Certain Color Can Help A Depressed Person Look And Feel Delighted
                                                           By Angel Chau

All things have colors. Eyes can see most of the colors, but some colors are beyond our eyes. Every color has its personality, just like a human being, it has its own character, temperature and power. Subconsciously, our minds are always making judgment on people or things base on the information that our eyes see and reflect back to our brains. Most of the time, the first thing we see is color. Therefore, what color you wear can immediately bring either a positive or a negative impression to others that see you before you can verbally communicate with them.

Since colors have power to edify or to ruin a person's image, it is very important to know what color can help a depressed person look delighted and eventually help him or her feel happy indeed. First, I want to analyze “bright red” the most important color for the Chinese people. This color is a symbol of happiness, joy, confidence, honor, good luck and victory. In a traditional Chinese wedding, there must be bright red everywhere, especially in the countryside of China. The bride will be dressed in bright red from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet. There are red dates, red cakes, red candies, red lotus seeds, and a red teapot with red teacups and red envelopes with money on a center table. The wedding bed will have a pair of red pillows and a red blanket or a red comforter. The big red word “double joys” will be put on the walls, the windows and all the doors.

On another hand, the Chinese often use bright red to expel evil spirits. For example, the bright red lantern on the front door means to scare away evil spirits and in the mean time to decorate the house. And also hanging a bright red antithetical couplet on the gate in the New Year's Eve means to drive out the bad luck and the evil power while to welcome the new fortune of the New Year.

Further more, some Chinese even use bright red color to heal a sick or save a dying man. Especially, in the ancient times, if a family had a single man who had been sick for a long time, his parents would buy a young lady to marry this sick man and had her dressed in bright red from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet, and then sent her to the sick man's room to sleep with him. They believed that the bride in bright red would make the sick man well again. This method has been called “chong xi” in Chinese. If the sick man was already married, his wife had to agree that a new wife would come in the family to do “chong xi” for her husband. If the sick man died, his bride would have to remain in the family as this dead man’s first wife or second wife for the rest of her life. However, this method is very rare to be used in the modern China now.

Although “chong xi” is a superstitious belief and practice, it does point out one fact that bright red does have certain power to influence the atmosphere and to delight a person; as a result, the happy feeling can stimulate the person's spirit, soul and immune system to be stronger. By wearing bright red clothes, perhaps just a bright red scarf, a tie or a hat, a depressed person's appearance will look a lot more energetic and charming. For sure, a delightful and vigorous person will attract people and they will want to be friends with him or her. Friendships and encouragement will help a depressed person get out from the shackles of negative mental attitude.

Unless it is required uniform to wear, of course, no person will dress himself or herself with bright red from the top of the head to the bottom of the feet. Therefore, it is necessary to match bright red with other colors.
Color matching is an important theory, since the assistant color can either enhance or weaken the effectiveness of the main color. Besides black and white, bright red will go very well with gold or silver.

If a person cannot find bright red clothes to wear, or does not like it, or just would not dare to wear such color, he or she can use “red orange” as a substitution of bright red.

Perhaps, many people would think that by using bright red color to help a depressed person is merely a temporary solution for the problem. However, I believe that this saying has a lot of truth, “Fake it, until you make it!” A temporary solution, or a superficial gloss over can open a door for a depressed person to receive real inner healing.