What Is Black Ant Therapy (Polyrhachis Vicina Roger)
                                                                        BY Angel Chau

Most of the people know about ants, but many of them do not know about the medical value and health care function of ants. Although today there are more than 15,000 types of ants with 7 colors in the world, the black one is often used for medical treatment.

There is a long history for using Black Ant Therapy to cure series of diseases and to improve vital energy  for Chinese people. According to the book “Black Ant Therapy For Hepatitis B” by Wu Zhi Chen, Chinese have eaten ants for more than 3000 years. The earliest document that mentioned the ant sauce was for the emperor's health care, especially for his sexual life was written in Zhou Dynasty.

The main function of the black ant is to protect or enrich the refined energy of kidneys, and also provide longevity for humankind. Although black ant is good for both men and women, it is especially for the benefit of male's health. Why? First, let's talk about "sperm”. It is a big mistake for people to think that sperm is just productive cell that can impregnate a woman or just some natural fluid that has to be ejaculated or will wash away through urination from a male's body.

However, 99% of the people in the world have accepted the definition of “sperm” only as above. They do not know or consider that sperm is also part of the inner strength of a male and the precious nutrient to a male's sexual organ and the energy of the kidney. When a male is releasing his sperm, he is releasing pressure and vigor the same time. The word “sperm” in Mandarin Chinese is “Jing Ye”. It means the fluid of the fundamental substance or the essence of life. Also, it means the fluid of refined energy and high spirit of a male. Men's kidneys are the storage houses of their sperm. 

So many men do not understand the full value of their sperm; they do not know the harmfulness of frequent masturbation and they do not realize the consequences of having unhealthy sex. Without knowing how to nourishing and protecting their kidneys, these men are releasing their fluid of the fundamental substance or the essence of life too often, too casual and too young. No wonder from generation to generation many males are facing hair losing, teeth losing and having problems of premature ejaculation, impotence, low kidney function or even kidney failure as they are aging, and some of the males have these problems when they are still young.

The Organic Black Ant Capsules of Way On certainly can correct the problem of low sexual function, weak kidney function, premature ejaculation, and impotence. Some customers said that with the nourishment to the kidneys, they feel that their sexual life have been improve so much; even some customers said that to compare Polyrhachis Vicina Roger with the famous Viagra, in a long run, the former is much better than the latter, for Polyrhachis Vicina Roger is a natural health product, which has no side effect and costs little. The Black Ant Therapy is a good stimulation of the proliferation of the degraded testis and ovary.
If people, both male and female, who have server kidney problem, they should also take Organic Cordyceps with Organic Black Ants the same time. Other healing functions of the Black Ant Therapy are healing people who have weak immune system, rheumatoid arthritis, tuberculosis and hepatitis B. Also, it prevents hair loosing and protects the marrow of cancer patients during chemical or radiotherapy.